Safety Tips and Auto Repair Options after an Accident

Vehicle after collision

If the worst-case scenario happens and you’re in a car accident, there are a few things you should know about immediate safety, insurance claims, and how to get your car back on the road as soon as possible.

We’re here to arm you with information about those first two items today, and the auto repair experts at our Buick dealership can assist you with the rest when you’re ready.

Seek Immediate Safety

At Joseph Buick GMC, we believe there’s nothing more important than your health and safety. After a collision, it is paramount that you and any passengers involved get to a safe place. Secondary collisions can be just as dangerous, if not worse, especially if it’s on a major road or highway.

Get to the shoulder of the road or another safe spot after a major collision, or even a simple fender bender, so that your safety is not further compromised while you sort out the situation.

Get Information and Call for Help

The next step is to call emergency services (if necessary) and get the information of any other parties involved like their insurance information, name, address, and phone number. Any drivers or passengers needing medical attention should be evaluated right away.

If your vehicle is not drivable, now is also the time to call for a tow truck or take advantage of your roadside assistance program if you have one.

File an Insurance Claim

In the hours or days after the accident, you’ll want to report it to your insurance and submit pictures or other information at their request. Once they’ve evaluated the claim, they may ask you to get a repair quote so they can cover the damages or send you reimbursement.

Get Needed Repairs

Lastly come on down to our Buick and GMC service center so we can discuss how to proceed with the actual repairs. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need to arrange a rental vehicle, or we might be able to fix some minor bumps and bruises in a single day.

For genuine GMC and Buick parts, you can trust us here at Joseph Buick GMC to get the job done.