4 Signs You Need a GMC Oil Change

November 20th, 2022 by

The best way to keep your vehicle safe, efficient, and responsive on every ride is with a regular GMC oil change, like the kind you can schedule right here at Joseph Buick GMC. We’re dedicated to providing care and service you can trust, so you can focus on the next great adventure. Here are some signs that it’s time to bring your vehicle in for the next oil change.

Your Vehicle Vibrates

Oil helps to lubricate the parts in your engine, so they can function smoothly and without grinding or wear. If your oil level is low or if the oil is old or saturated with dirt, it can’t do its job as well, which means the parts scrape and push against each other. This can cause vibrations, especially while idling, which are a red flag for engine damage.

You Hear Engine Knocking

Low oil levels can also lead to excess sound under the hood. These sounds essentially indicate that the parts are pushing and moving against each other. If you hear the engine knocking, you’ll want to schedule an oil change right away to prevent further damage to essential parts.

Your Fuel Economy Drops

Routine oil change service also ensures optimal fuel efficiency. When the oil in your GMC vehicle becomes old or saturated, it no longer moves through the parts as efficiently. That means you’ll need more fuel to go the same distance, and your fuel economy will drop.

You See Dark Exhaust

If you notice that your exhaust is significantly darker or that there is a lot more of it, that may be an indication that your vehicle has an oil leak. That also means your oil levels will drop quickly, so you want to schedule repairs and an oil change right away.

Visit Joseph Buick GMC in Cincinnati for Oil Change Service

These are just a few common signs to watch for when it comes to the next oil change. Visit Joseph Buick GMC to get the oil change service your vehicle deserves.

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