Buick Service 101: Getting Stuck in Snow

February 20th, 2022 by

Buick service

As we all know, winters in the Cincinnati area can be pretty brutal. Our cars can get buried by the plow or stuck in a drift. Our Buick service center has some tips on escaping the snow.

Clear the Area Around the Tires

The first thing to do is to remove as much snow as possible from around all four tires. If there is any snow piled up higher than either bumper, get rid of that as well.

Use the Car to Clear More of a Path

The next step is to start the car and move up and back as much as you can. Be sure to do it slowly without flooring the gas pedal. And use the brake frequently so you don’t hurt your transmission.

Use Something to Create Traction

If you’re still stuck, find something that will create traction. You can use things like salt or even dirt. Get it around your tires and then get back in the car. If you’re close but not quite there, getting a push from someone might do it.

Be Prepared for the Worst

It’s important to be prepared for snow, which is why it pays to have things like a small shovel and salt in your car. You may want to consider installing winter tires or putting chains on your tires to help deal with snow.

It’s also important to make sure your battery is in good shape so you’ll be able to get your car started no matter how cold it gets.

Joseph Buick GMC can help make sure your car is ready for anything Mother Nature has to offer. Contact our service center to make an appointment.

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