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While Buick parts are made from the highest quality, factory-approved materials, they still see their fair share of wear and tear. The more miles your car has seen or the older it is, the more likely it may need some minor tune-ups in the form of parts replacement.
Corrosion due to weather, friction due to use, and other factors can cause some normal deterioration in any vehicle. What is most important is to keep an eye out on which parts need replaced and to get them taken care of in a timely manner–by the professionals!
A few of the most common parts to look out for:
Battery: This part, especially in the wintertime can see some issues. Most car batteries are due to be replaced every four to six years. It’s pretty obvious when that’s needed as you may have problems starting your car.
Brakes: The brake system in your car is one of the most important. If there’s any screeching, grinding, or other noticeable issues when you brake, let us check your brake pads, rotors, and discs for any needed updates.
Lights: A super easy fix, interior and exterior lightbulbs may need replacing from time to time.
Keyless Entry: If your vehicle has keyless entry, you may find yourself needing a replacement battery in your fob to ensure your car locks, unlocks, and starts as it’s meant to.
At our Buick dealership in Cincinnati, we will gladly help you schedule an appointment to replace any needed parts, as well as for an overall inspection to ensure your Buick or GMC vehicle is in top running shape this winter. We look forward to seeing you soon to get your car tuned up before the holidays.

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