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Taking care of your GMC Acadia shouldn’t be a chore. Our team at Joseph Buick GMC understands that, so we aim to make routine service and repairs easy. But what happens if you hear a strange noise and it’s not the time for your regular maintenance? We recommend stopping by our GMC service center near Hamilton at the first sign of a problem.

Routine Maintenance Made Easy

You’ll find all the information you need about regular maintenance inside of your owner’s manual. But, gone are the days of you needing to keep detailed notes about the dates and mileage on your vehicle. We take care of the record-keeping for you. Talk to our service center about getting your GMC Acadia on a regular schedule, and you’ll spend less time making appointments. Along with oil changes, we recommend having fluid levels and filters checked.

Common Car Concerns

If it’s not the time for your scheduled maintenance and you notice that something is off, then we recommend bringing your car into our GMC service center as soon as possible. Many car parts will wear out over time. But, if you catch it early, then all we need to do is replace one or two parts. However, if you wait it out, then one aging part can cause stress on other components or entire systems resulting in the need for major repairs. For example, a squeaking noise when you turn your steering wheel may be a sign that your fan belt needs replacing.

Schedule an Appointment at Our GMC Service Center

Our team at Joseph Buick GMC near Hamilton handles all issues, from a routine oil change to an in-depth alignment inspection. You can schedule your appointment at our GMC service center online or by stopping into our dealership.
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