GMC Service 101: Signs You Need Wheel Alignment

March 16th, 2022 by

In order for your GMC vehicle to give you its best performance, every part and component needs to be well-tuned. Even when something is off just a little bit, this can create a bad ripple effect. If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms with your car, there’s a good chance you need GMC service for the alignment:


The clearest sign that something isn’t right with your car’s alignment is if it tries to pull you to one side or the other. Your car should drive perfectly straight when on a straight road, and even a slight pull indicates a problem.


Does the steering wheel shake when you drive? Or maybe there are vibrations that seem to be coming from the tires? This could mean that tires on the opposite side are pulling the vehicle in different directions.

Uneven Tire Treads

You may be able to spot an issue with your alignment by examining your tires. If the treads are very worn down on just one tire – or perhaps both tires on one side – this probably means that the alignment is off.

Crooked Steering Wheel

When your car is driving straight, the steering wheel should be completely level. If it’s off-kilter, the alignment isn’t right.

Have Your Alignment Checked By the Experts

You don’t want to ignore red flags with your alignment. In addition to a safety issue, when it’s not perfect, this can cause your tires to wear down faster so you will need to replace them sooner. To have your alignment looked at by trained and certified technicians, make an appointment with the service center at Joseph Buick GMC near Florence.

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