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Even if you’re not driving as many miles this year as you have in the past, vehicle service is still extremely important. As your vehicle sits idle, whether it’s in your garage or out there in the elements, the parts and fluids can deteriorate and degrade in quality.
Routine Buick service can keep your vehicle in safe and healthy driving condition for when it’s time to get out there and travel again in the future.
Routine Buick Services and Timelines
To help you keep on track with the most often-needed vehicle services, we’ve compiled this list of common services and how often you should aim to get them:

Oil Change: Every three to six months
Tire Rotation: Every six to 12 months
Alignment Adjustment: Once a year
Belts, Hoses, Filters, etc.: Every six months
Tire Inflation and Tread Check: Once a month
Battery Check: Twice a year and replace about every five years
Windshield Wiper Replacement: Once or twice a year as needed
Buick and GMC Repairs
When you come in for those routine services, our expert technicians can diagnose other issues and recommend repairs before they become emergent. This can make your life so much easier when it’s a matter of just switching out a couple of Buick parts, and not doing a large-scale repair as the result of a breakdown.
When you are ready to get a vehicle service, or services, completed with Joseph Buick GMC, you can make an appointment then stop by our Cincinnati car dealership. We will gladly chat more about all of your service-related concerns and questions. Feel free to call to learn more about services we offer.

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