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Cincinnati drivers looking for a “car warranty near me” have got to check out what our Buick GMC dealers have to offer. Our Lifetime Limited Powertrain Warranty can help you sleep peacefully knowing we will cover any major issues with your vehicle’s powertrain at no cost to you.
Warranties are an invaluable part of the car care experience, so we want you to know exactly what you may be eligible for at Joseph Buick GMC.
What is a New Car Warranty?
A vehicle warranty is coverage provided by the manufacturer or dealership to ensure certain issues (that are not directly caused by the driver) that occur within a certain timeline, can be taken care of at no expense to you. The purpose is to maintain the car in reasonable condition, so you get your full use out of it.
Car warranty vs. car insurance is a topic that gets brought up a lot. What the most need-to-know fact here is you don’t pay any extra fees for your warranty with us. There are supplemental warranties you might purchase on top of what we provide, but there are no deductibles, monthly payments, or reimbursements.
Insurance is more for damage that was caused by an accident or an external force such as fires floods, and storms. Warranties are more for problems that happened on their own with typical use.
Our Lifetime Limited Powertrain Warranty
Every eligible vehicle sold at Joseph Buick GMC is covered by our Lifetime Limited Powertrain Warranty for free for as long as you own the vehicle. It covers key components of your car like the engine, transmission, and drivetrain assembly.
If you need to repair a part under warranty or want to check out our current lease offers, come see us.

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